Sean Geoghegans Persona

A lot of people when creating there own very personal persona use the combination of raw detail along with various different assumptions of themselves. Raw detail could be describing themselves from what they work as, whether they are an athlete, the colours they like to wear, the achievements they have in life and right down to the simple core elements. Even a business creates a certain persona about a different product in order for it to sell in the market. They use an iconic figure or a current celebrity in the promotion of products examples of this include sporting hero Paul O’Connell.

If I was to create my own personal Persona I would say that I am a pretty ambitious person who takes each day as they come, ambitious in sport and life combined. I want to achieve the best degree I can from my college course, and play the best caliber of Gaelic football. I like to live life in the real life the best way I can describe this is if I was at a football match I would love to not only be watching it but actually playing every minute. The passion I have for playing Gaelic football and the drive to win every ball or kick a point when I have the chance can filter into my life.

Some of my colleges are writing about brand personas this week including Shane Hogan.


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