‘The Klopp Effect’

It goes without saying that Jurgen Klopp has certainly regenerated Liverpool’s season which was going downhill, a club that sorely were lacking in direction and drive in the final stages of Brendan Rogers reign as manager. Liverpool seem to be re-energised under this manager and it seems that the feel good factor is back at Anfield almost like the cloud has lifted. We must take into account that Klopp is managing the exact same crop of players and the outcome is phenomenal the results since he has taken charge are incredible. Liverpool look more solid in defence and even more dangerous going forward with the various attacking options available. They have scored a lot more goals in the last few weeks with something like eight scores in thirteen goals.

This complete turnaround of Liverpool’s season is beginning to get people talking about them being top four competitors. However that is only a glimpse of ‘what could be?’ with plenty of games still to be played throughout the season. The players along with the supporters must not get complacent and each individual game must be taken one step at a time. A good sign that the players moral is pointing in the right direction is seen by one of the players. ‘With the new manager, everything is fresh,’ said teenager Jordon Ibe. ‘I feel like a new player. The whole team are feeling great and fresh.’


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